I'm Afraid of the Dentist

It's OK. You're not alone.

Every day we treat folks who have anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist, and we treat such feelings with great care and concern. Rather than take our word for it, check out these testimonials from our patients who had similar worries:

"River Dental with Dr Frank Winfield is the best!  I had delayed my dental care due to some very bad experiences with other dental offices.  Dr Frank has a gentle touch when he is working on my teeth. My dread of going to the dentist is gone!"  D.E.,  April 2015

"He is aware of your feelings, and is very respectable.  I will go to this dentist as long as I live in the Vancouver Washington area!  #River #Dental #Vancouver #BestDentist."   K.D., March 2015

"Dr. Winfield removed the tooth and I did not even believe they were finished.  No pain! None at all.  Wonderful!  A week after still no pain, not even any difficulty.  Wow, I surely didn't expect that."  C.L., Feb 2015

"Dr. Winfield was very informative about the procedures and had a gentle manner.  I was very comfortable at each visit and had no pain.  I can say I don't get nervous at all now if I have to see him for any procedure.  I am a very happy patient."  G.L., Jan 2015

"Thank you for the compassionate and skilled care, from the humor to ease my fears, to the more intimate patient focused environment, to the excellent work on a difficult tooth! Thank You!"  - M.M., May 2014  

"I would highly recommend River Dental.  I have been to several different dentists in the past, and not all of my experiences were pleasant.  Having said that, I have nothing but good things to say about River Dental" - R.J., March 2014