When tooth pain steams from tooth decay, then resulting in a cavity, the common course of treatment is to clean and remove decay and restore the tooth with a filling.


Composite resin fillings: these are tooth-colored fillings that can be color matched to your teeth by the dentist. Composite fillings are made with a mixture of quartz or glass, which creates a strong, solid, aesthetically pleasing filling. Composite resins are mercury-free and work well on any tooth, front or back, and work exceptionally well for small to mid-size fillings.

If a cavity is very deep, or it has affected and infected the soft tissue inside your teeth, root canal therapy may need to be done.   Sometimes when a tooth has a big filling, or is cracked or broken, filling it may not be the best option. Crowning (sometimes called capping) the tooth may be the better route to go. Although a bit more expensive it may be the better option for the overall life of the tooth and the health of the rest of your mouth.   If a tooth becomes so severely damaged that a filling or crown cannot restore the tooth and a tooth extraction is necessary, a dental implant may be the next best option. A dental implant can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, and it helps maintain or restore the supporting bone structure.

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